Our Team

Compassionate Staff and Professional Doctors together counts to be the expertise of Gokuldas Hospital.

Anand Gokuldas

Executive Director

Dr. Sanjay Gokuldas

MS (Ophthal)
MBA (Hospital Admin)
(Phaco & Lasik Surgeon)
Executive Director GHRC

Kannu Agrawal



Welcome to Gokuldas Hospital, where a dedicated team of healthcare visionaries leads the way in delivering unparalleled medical services. Meet our esteemed team members:

Anand Gokuldas, serving as the Executive Director, brings a wealth of expertise in healthcare management, ensuring the seamless operation and strategic growth of Gokuldas Hospital.

Dr. Sanjay Gokuldas, also an Executive Director, is a distinguished medical professional with a commitment to excellence in patient care. His leadership in medical affairs contributes significantly to the hospital’s reputation for quality healthcare.

Kannu Agrawal, our Director, plays a crucial role in steering the hospital’s vision. With a focus on strategic planning and organizational development, Kannu Agrawal ensures that Gokuldas Hospital remains at the forefront of healthcare innovation.

Together, our leadership team is dedicated to advancing healthcare standards, fostering a patient-centric approach, and ensuring that Gokuldas Hospital continues to be a beacon of excellence in the medical field. At Gokuldas, we believe in a harmonious blend of medical expertise and compassionate care, providing our community with a trusted healthcare partner for a healthier future.