Orthopaedics in Indore

Infusing Better Mobility-Improving Life!

Gokuldas Hospital and its expert staff provides the best prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of skeletal abnormalities in patients of all ages, including those involving the joints, bones, muscles, tendons, ligaments, skin, and nerves. The team’s skillful strategy also focuses on rehabilitation by advising and educating people to engage in physical therapy and exercises.

Delivering personalised care and utilising the latest research and evidence-based approach, our specialists make sure to bring your life back to normal.

Some of our specialities include the treatment of-

  • – Fractures
  • – Torn ligaments
  • – Dislocations
  • – Strains and sprains
  • – Tendon injuries
  • – Sciatica, Pulled muscles, Low back pains
  • – Bursitis ruptured disks, Bow legs, scoliosis knock knees, hammertoes
  • – Bone tumors, cerebral palsy, growth abnormalities, muscular dystrophy, and multiple others.

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