Paediatricians in Indore

Dr. Rajeev Sanghavi


Dr. Prachi Choudhary


Dr. Anil Saxena


Paediatric Surgeon in Indore

Dr. B. Lohati



Welcome to Gokuldas Hospital Indore, where the health and well-being of your little ones are our top priority. Our team of expert pediatricians includes Dr. Rajeev Sanghavi (MBBS, MD Ped DCH), Dr. Prachi Choudhary (MBBS, MD Ped), Dr. Anil Saxena (MBBS, MD Ped), and Dr. B. Lohati (MBBS, MS Ped), who lead our pediatrics department with unwavering dedication and expertise.

Recognized as the best pediatricians in Indore, our team is committed to providing comprehensive and compassionate care for children. Dr. Rajeev Sanghavi, with his background in pediatrics and child health, focuses on ensuring the healthy development of infants and children. Dr. Prachi Choudhary specializes in pediatric medicine, offering expert care for a wide range of pediatric conditions. Dr. Anil Saxena brings his skills in pediatric healthcare, contributing to the well-being of children under his care. Dr. B. Lohati, with his expertise in pediatric surgery, ensures that children receive the best possible surgical interventions when needed.

At Gokuldas Hospital, we understand the unique healthcare needs of children, and our pediatricians are dedicated to providing personalized and effective solutions. Whether it’s routine check-ups, vaccinations, or specialized pediatric care, our team is here to ensure the health and happiness of your little ones.

Choose Gokuldas Hospital for the expertise of the best pediatricians in Indore, where advanced pediatric healthcare meets compassionate and child-friendly service.