Paediatrics in Indore

Holistic Care Approach for Children!

Expert paediatricians with extensive experience provide the best outpatient, inpatient, and intensive care services. Skilled nursing staff and team  ensures compassionate care, security, comfort and a quick recovery of the child.   Highly qualified  doctors at Gokuldas Hospital  are adept in treating a wide range of paediatric disorders and illnesses connected to the lungs, skin, blood, and kidneys. They also offer expert counselling and consultations to the patients’/child’s family members. 

- We offer expertise in -

​• Neonatology
• Cardiology
• Infectious Diseases
• Rheumatology

• Pulmonology
• Paediatric Neurosurgery
• Organ Transplantation
• Bone Marrow Transplant

• Neurology
• Genetics
• Nephrology
• Gastroenterology & Hepatology

• Paediatric Surgery
• Endocrinology
• Haematology
• Oncology

  Aesthetics                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Oncology